Our Story

A sample of the brands we have worked with:

As part of a visual industry, your website and social media platforms hold the power to promote your image and brand/salon in an arena that continues to grow, and we encourage you to all be visible.

Our 30 years’ experience with top brands in the South African Hair & Beauty Industry and with our passion for promoting and growing your salon/brand using your Website, Facebook and Instagram, we can uplift and showcase SA’s industry professionals.

Our specialities lie in the building, creating and running client lead generation campaigns, digital marketing, websites, databases and email campaigns specifically for the professional hair and beauty industry. Whether it’s just your Instagram account you’d like us to set-up or develop your logo, website, social media, database and email campaigns… nothing is too small or too big.

Please feel free to reach out and ask us questions or offer us feedback and let us know what else you’d like to know more about, no matter the topic.