Services/Hire Me

  • Marketing and Social Media Training for Salons/Spas/Brands : 2,5 hours Jhb, Cpt, Dbn – see dates.
  • How-To Demos: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest : 2 hours, Jhb, Cpt, Dbn – see dates.
  • In-Salon Training – incorporating your needs : 1-2 hours.
  • Hire Me to Talk at your Seminars and Training.
  • Hire Me to Create Social Media Videos for your Brand that you can share with your clients (teaching the hair and beauty salons).

Contact: 076 856 4227

See upcoming dates here. This training has been developed because of my passion for sharing and wanting others to succeed, 30 years professional industry marketing experience and social media knowledge with salons and brands. Includes:

* Social Media Demos and On-Screen How-To’s
* Salon Image & Branding
* Salon Marketing Plan & Calendar
* Which platforms will work best for my salon?
* How to identify your audience
* How to optimise social media to actually attract new clients into my salon, the right way
* How to grow your database – client lead generation
* Newsletters & communication with clients
* Websites, what you should know and make them work for you
* How to leverage YouTube and Pinterest
* Google AdWords & SEO
* and so much more…..

Who should attend?
> best for salon managers & owners
> staff that manage any part of your social media or website
> if you’re unsure how to take your salon to the next level
> if you’re unsure if social media is worth the money
> if you need to know you’re getting the most of what your salon is currently doing

How-To DIY Video Series

COMING SOON! Watch our HOW-TO DIY Video Series Introduction here. The series will impart information on how-to’s for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Websites and more and tips on what you should know. The series is in the making, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to get the notification when it’s available.


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